Parkracers Reverse

  • Rs. 2,499.00

Parkracers Reverse

The reverse car by Parkracers. Make 360º spins! Nothing can stop you with this hilarious radio controlled model. Drive it like a normal car and if you find a wall on your way, it will turn on itself and continue! Unstoppable!

The Reverse is the reversible car by Parkracers. Drive it on both sides and overcome any obstacle, even walls! Turns on itself in 360º rotations or make spins against the wall and drive on the other side.

This radio control car with two joysticks is driven like a tank. It is very easy and intuitive and allows unusual movements in a conventional radio control car.

It includes lights to play in the dark.

The Reverse is available in a 27Mhz FM frequency with a range of about 20 meters!

Requires 4 AA batteries for the vehicle and 2 AA batteries for the transmitter.

- Reversible Car

- Requires AA batteries for the vehicle and the station

- Radio frequency 27Mhz

- Range of about 20 meters

- Ergonomic Station

- Body in ABS plastic.


  • 360º Spins
  • 360º rotations
  • Includes lights
  • AA batteries not included

Radio control reversible car

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