Nincoair Spin Shot

  • Rs. 2,699.00

Nincoair Spin Shot

Shot your Spin Shot plane by Nincoair and shows who has the best technique. Who will get the best flight? A good shot will make you succeed with this fantastic powered aircraft that also makes loops. Super-fast battery charge to power the front rotor.

Enjoy amazing stunts with the Spin Shot by Nincoair. The Spin Shot incorporates a battery to power the front rotor. You only need 4 AA batteries, not included, for the launcher.

Place the plane into the launcher gun and wait a few seconds until the red light (means it is charged) goes out. Make your Spin Shot move and shoot your plane... Be amazed with the loops!

The Spin Shot is made of very durable material so you can throw as many times as you like. Compete to make the best flight!


Key Features :
Powered airplane
Launcher & charger
Very resistant

Content :
EPP Airplane
Launcher & charger

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