Nincoair Quadrone Evo Drone

  • Rs. 7,999.00

Nincoair Quadrone Evo Drone

Drone ideal for RC beginner pilots of quadcopters. Their flight capacity and stability, together with its EPP structure and propellers protection system, make the Quadrone Evo the perfect model to improve the technique of flight of any user.

The Quadrone EVO has an average size of 32x32cm and is made of durable plastic (EPP), which makes it a very effective model against impacts. It is the best option for inexperienced pilots who are starting to fly and want to improve their skills without fear of crashing.

The Quadrone EVO is the perfect size for indoor and outdoor flight. The large transmitter and the three speed selector (30% / 70% / 100%) provide even more control of your Quadrone.

The frame around the Quadrone EVO protects the propellers and engines from impacts and falls. It is important to stop the propellers after an accident to prevent further damage. It is easy to drive a Quadrone thanks to its 6-axis electronic stabilizer.

2.4Ghz technology for extended range and interference multiplayer option. Play with more than 40 friends at the same time with fully independent frequency channels.

The EVO Quadrone performs 360o acrobatics by pressing a button on the transmitter. Make incredible acrobatic flips!

4-channel movement (up / down, left / right, front / back and shift at the sides). It incorporates front and rear lights to fly in the dark. It includes efficient Li-Po 650 milliamps and 3.7 volts battery. Charge it in your computer or your USB port. The transmitter requires 6 AA batteries.

• Nincoair super resistant range

Outdoors flight

• Made in plastic EPP

• 6-axis (with electronic stabilizer)

4-channel 2.4GHz and technology

• More than 50 meters range

• Dimensions 32x32cm

• Rotors protected

3-speed 30/70/100%

• It allows 360o acrobatic pressing a button

Front and rear lights

• Includes USB charger and spare propellers

• Li-Po battery 3.7v 650mAh

  • High-performance drone for beginners
  • 4 channels and electronic stabilizer
  • 2.4Ghz radio equipment
  • Acrobatic and with lights

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