1/10 Sioux Desert

  • Rs. 28,999.00



1/10 Desert buggy, high performance and great aesthetics thanks to the detailed interior cockpit. 4WD. Strong and reliable mechanics. With 2.4GHz radio technology, free of interference and multiplayer. A great choice for driving on any surface

The Sioux is a 1/10 4WD Desert Buggy ready to run.

The 2.4 Ghz transmitter includes long-range free of interference with trims adjustments of steering and throttle and servos polarity inverter. The transmitter is equipped with adjustable dual-rate potentiometer to adjust the angle and speed of the turns to suit all levels of driving.

Includes 1800mAh and 7.2v Ni-Mh battery and 220V charger. You only need 8 AA LR6 batteries for the transmitter and it is ready to run. The suspension includes oil shocksat each wheel with fully adjustable anodized aluminium caps and shock mounts. Also, the 4x4 wheel drive features oil differentials both in the rear and in the front that offer the best traction on any surface.

The chassis is made of ultra-durable plastic and is reinforced with an anodized aluminium sub-chassis on the top that makes it stronger and rigidity. The wing is adjustable and can be changed the down-force for improved aerodynamics in the race.

It includes 550-engine with aluminium heatsink that cools the temperature getting better performance. The ESC is resistant and splash-free; and polycarbonate thermoformed body is shock resistance equipping anti-roll bars flexible plastic. The cockpit includes detailed pilot and copilot.

This model, as all Ninco4RC range, has all spares and options available to improve the performance of your radio control car.


  • 550 brushed electric motor air cooled
  • 2.4 GHz technology
  • 4-wheel drive (4WD)
  • Battery: Ni-Mh 1.800mAh 7.2v
  • Maximum speed: about 35km/h
  • Body: Polycarbonate thermoforming
  • Transmitter: Digital proportional left / right and speed control, forward / reverse
  • Wheel diameter: 86 mm
  • Ratio: 1: 8,133
  • Wheelbase: 265mm.
  • Dimensions: 460mm x 260mm x 180mm
  • Weight: 1890g
  • Ground clearance: 26mm

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